Sew What?

Men's Fine Tailoring

I am taking a mini vacation from July 14, 2022.  I will be back Tuesday July 19,2022

Modern Tailoring

My name is Paul Michael.  I started sewing over 30 years ago.  What started as a hobby to make myself swimwear for Florida's beaches, became a dream job.  My brand GETT WETT is my passion.  I design and make men's swimwear.  As any fashion designer knows, having a line of clothing is expensive, so I created Sew What.  I have been in business 15 years.

Sew What is a fine men's tailoring shop.  I have expertise in suits, dress pants, dress shirts, tuxedoes, and other formal and business wear.  Jeans and denim are a great talent of mine as it is probably the most common garment.  T-shirt alterations are also common, especially since I have the specialty machines also used in swimwear.   I am also an expert leather tailor.  I design leather products and occasionally garments.  My brand of leather products is Paul Michael Leather.  

I prefer appointments as it allows me to schedule work periods without constant interruptions.  

I do not work on women's clothing. 

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